Common Garage Door Repair Costs That Sneak Up Every Spring

Don’t panic if your garage door won’t open at the first attempt. Installation of a new door for your garage is not necessary every time your garage door gives you trouble and some minor repairs can make it work alright.

Residents of Hampshire are always looking for good service providers to do their garage door repair projects. So, if you are one of them, then please consult with a reputable company offering Hampshire garage door repairs, and ask their experts for the best plans that can fit into your budgets.

Below are few of the door repair costs that you encounter on your garage doors.

A broken door spring

It is one of the most common repairs that one comes across, almost every spring. You keep repairing it every now and then, and one day it just snaps. So, it is important that you disconnect the door springs at least once in a year, lift the door up and check if it is in balance. A door spring costs not more than 100 pounds. Some doors have one spring while some have two.

Dented garage door Repair

If you’ve dented the garage door accidently, then you need to repair it, as your home exterior will not look good with a dented garage door. Try reshaping it using soft mallet, if you can.

So, if you come across any garage door problems, then try troubleshooting it on your own before approaching an expert. At times it is easily fixed, but in case it won’t, then you ask for few price quotes and service fees before finalizing one.

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