The Job Of A Building Services Engineer

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Building services refer to the internal features of a building that make it habitable and safe, comfortable or downright luxurious. These include ventilation, lighting (both artificial and natural), communications, heating, plumbing and drainage, energy supply (including gas, power and backup power), air conditioning, escalators, and security systems, such as alarms, fire detection and fire protection systems, emergency supplies to fire fighting lifts, etc.

From the list above it becomes apparent that this field is so varied that job specialization is mandatory; building services engineers are qualified and able to design, implement and manage any of these services for both residential and commercial sectors, but also for medical and government offices. Building services engineers are also able to control the indoor environment of laboratories, schools, small and large-scale sports events, and the list can go on.

Why building services engineers are important?

Nowadays, energy efficiency is at the heart of the work carried out by teams of building services engineers, rendering homes less dependent upon carbon, and making more use of renewable sources, like wind and solar energy. In fact, panels of these engineers are able to persuade authorities on the benefits of implementing low carbon systems on a larger scale, and thus pass new laws to reduce emissions globally.

But whether their designs are finely tuned, highly sensitive laboratories or simply enable people to live and work in comfortable and safe indoor environments, engineers must also ensure the proper and continuous working of all of their systems, which must be complex, yet easy to use at the same time.